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A great opportunity to immerse yourself in history and experience the horse way of life while enjoying nature on horseback on horseback in the beautiful Jong-Kemin Gorge.It will give you a huge charge of energy, a lot of positive emotions and photos. You will learn how to ride a horse, how to hold a saddle, and see the Jong-Kemin National Park with You will see the amazing nature, forested hillsides, green fields, fast rivers, fresh air and hospitable locals.


Travel itinerary

Bishkek-Chon-Kemin-Bishkek (297 km).

Tour program

1 day. Bishkek-Chon-Kemin-Bishkek

In the morning you will meet your tour guide. On the way to Chong-Kemin, you will visit Burana Tower, a UNESCO UNESCO World Heritage Site as a remnant of the city of Balasagun (10th-12th centuries) on the Great Silk Road. Burana Tower is a cultural heritage monument of the Kyrgyz people and part of the archaeological and architectural museum Burana Tower is a monument of the cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people, a part of the Archaeological and Architectural Museum of Kyrgyzstan. Central Asia. It is located 12 km southwest of the town of Tokmak.The original height of the tower, The original height of the tower, built in the 10th and 11th centuries, was at least 40 meters, but the upper part was destroyed by an earthquake.Today the height of the tower is At present the height of the tower is 21.7 meters. Territory of the historical complex consists of museum, tower, balbalov (stone warriors) will take you back to ancient times. Then we will be transferred to the Chon-Kemin Gorge. It is a wonderful place with a variety of species of plants, some of which are included in the Red Book of endangered species. the Red Book. The park, even in spite of its relative proximity to major population centers, has preserved the virgin beauty of nature and untouched green slopes covered with a motley carpet of flowers and forest massifs. A four-hour horseback ride awaits us after arrival. For those who have never ridden a horse, this will be an ideal opportunity to learn how to sit in the saddle. A horse guide will show and tell you how to control the horse, what to pay attention to and how to behave during the horseback ride. At the end of the walk we will have tasty dinner and drive back to Bishkek.



What's included

Guide/driver services;

Transfer throughout the tour;

A hearty lunch with a local family;

The stableman


Bonuses and gifts from the company;

Entry fees.

1-4 people (SUV)

5-10 people (minibus)

Not included

All personal expenses;

Medical insurance.

Horseback Riding Tour

215 $

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